Learn Faux Finish, Decorative Painting, Furniture Finishing & Wood Finishing Techniques. - Fine Furniture Finishing.

Oil & Wax Glaze & Glazing Faux Marble Stenciling
Shellac Crackle Finishes Faux Tortoise-Shell Pinstriping
Stain & Varnish Distressing Faux Granite Combing

With these DVD's you will discover how easy it is to finish or refinish your furniture to get exactly the look you want.

Perhaps you have some old pieces in the attic awaiting a new life, or maybe you want to create an heirloom of your own today. From traditional clear finishes that bring out the depth and beauty of wood, to the fun and elegance of painted faux marbles, these videos will give you everything you need to know for getting the results you desire.

the fine furniture finishing dvd set

There is a real thrill and joy in doing it yourself when you have the techniques and knowledge these videos will give you. Please take a closer look to see what they will do for you. This is just a small compressed sample from the Fine Finishing DVD series. The actual DVD's are of broadcast quality and fullscreen.

Painting furniture, faux painting techniques for faux finishes, along with clear wood finishes like oil, shellac, and varnish are some of the subjects that are covered on The Fine Furniture Finishing DVD's. These how to videos will show beginners as well as advanced craftspeople how to achieve beautiful finishes. There are several demonstrations including many faux marbles, and many decorative painting styles including stenciling or stencilling, sponge painting, pinstriping, dragging and combing.

The DVD's cover all information on wood refinishing and finishing including rubbing and polishing. These videos include information on antiquing, glaze, glazing, and distressing. All materials and supplies are discussed.
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